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Cistus incanus – pink rock rose
Pink rock rose, a very unique, natural substance!

This plant, also named grey-haired rock rose or cistus, is native to Southern Europe, especially the Greek peninsula of Chalkidiki. Cistus incanus tauricus, a subspecies, ranks at the top of the list of edible European plants containing polyphenols bringing about a natural anti-aging effect. It is often brewed as tea or processed into stock.

Natives of Chalkidiki established daily tea drinking rituals and it can be noted that they generally reach a higher average age.

According to local lore, the Greek gods of ancient times knew of the extraordinary power of the rock rose, and as early as 400 BC, Egypt imported its resin for use as a natural source against bacterial- and fungal infestation. The combination of resins and polyphenols makes this plant valuable and improves the overall well-being of people taking advantage of its properties.

Cistus incanus tauricus was named “Europe’s Plant of the Year 1999” and was awarded a special honor. German universities and various institutes have been studying and researching cistus incanus and a great number of references were produced regarding this “miracle plant” and its use.

Polyphenols are said to work as follows:

  • Act as antioxidants and natural antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral in nature
  • Positively influence the bone metabolism
  • Support the immune system
  • Protect from age-related vision defect

Recommended dosage
2 caspules daily

Recommended dosage for one month
IngredientsDaily dosis% NRV *
Cistus Incanus800 mg**
Vitamin E24 mg200

* NRV = recommended daily dosage, according to Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011
** = No recommendation established

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