What is Network Marketing?

The aim of our partners is to start their own business and sell high-quality products to their personal network.  

The partner invites new business partners to join his/her distribution network, who in turn also recommend the products in their personal network and invite new partners into the business. Over time, each business partner builds his/her own network of partners and end-customers, which may reach thousands of people. Thus, each business partner benefits from the turnover of his/her entire network. The key is that with this business model, establishing a distribution network does not involve any fixed costs, responsibilities or risks!

The companies that offer this profitable business concept work with different bonus systems. Compared to a traditional company, the investment is minimal. By purchasing your work kit, your business is already set up and at the same time you are given the chance to turn your future into a successful career.

Vegas Cosmetics uses one of the most advantageous and profitable bonus plans available on the market (marketing plan). We’re talking about a linear marketing plan, which offers unlimited pay outs, in a fair and profitable way at all levels of the structure.

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